The Gar-Box™ is America's Ultimate Humidor, made from a U.S. military reclaimed 50-caliber ammunition box and lined with high-quality, ¼-inch Spanish Cedar. The Gar-Box humidor includes a premium, removable brass hygrometer and a DryMistat® Humidification Device.   

Gar-Box is at home on outdoor adventures or in a poker room in the swankiest estate. The combination of an airtight gasket and a premium humidification device provides a perfect seal and moisture source, keeping your cigars fresh and far from drying out. The Gar-Box will become the envy of your friends and a prized possession for years to come!


The Private

Our new entry-level Private model is our most portable and affordable for enjoying your cigars on the go. It's lined with 1/4-inch Spanish Cedar and fitted with a premium DryMistat® humidification device.

the Sergeant

Our original Gar-Box model, the Sergeant is larger than the Private and adds a removable brass hygrometer to help maintain the perfect moisture level at all times. This is our most popular humidor!

the captain

The Captain has the same great features as the Sergeant, but adds a shelf for your favorite lighter, cutter, and other tools. Same box, but with more function for the true cigar aficionado.